Using Google fonts in your theme

Will Gates
Will Gates

The following steps allow you to take advantage of the large range of custom fonts offered by Google.

  1. Navigate to in your browser to access the font library.

    Font directory

    The Google Fonts directory

    If you know the type of font that you’re interested in, use the Categories filter to reduce the number of options presented.

  2. Select the desired font family.

    Font family

  3. Select the font style(s) required for your Help Center.

    Font styles

  4. Repeat the steps above for other font families, if required. Once the required font families and styles have been selected, click on Embed in the right-hand sidebar.

    Embed fonts

  5. Copy the embed <link> into your document_head.hbs template.
  6. Use the provided CSS rules to use your new font in CSS declarations:

    .my-element {
      font-family: 'Inter', sans-serif;

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  • Comment author
    Chris Reeves

    This is awesome. It means I'm not restricted to the default fonts.

  • Comment author
    Vera Yang

    That's great, Chris. We try to make customisation of your theme as easy and flexible as possible!


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